Le Balbuzard
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Le Balbuzard. [Plate] 414
Martinet, François Nicolas, 1731- (Artist, Engraver)
Paris : L'Imprimerie Royal
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[ca. 1770-1786]
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Still image
Engravings (prints)
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François Nicolas Martinet (1725-1804), a French artist living during the late Enlightenment Era, blends science with art in his numerous works. His passion for ornithology led him to collaborate with several notable natural historians, including Georges-Louis Leclerc, Count of Buffon. Martinet created a total of one thousand eight prints for Buffon's extensive Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux, from which the plates in this collection derive. Depicting birds in their natural habitats, the plates began as copperplate engravings and later received color from an unknown colorist, possibly Martinet himself. These avian prints emphasize scientific accuracy and natural beauty.
Martinet's print Le Balbuzard portrays an osprey with technical exactitude. Created as plate four hundred fourteen for Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux between 1770 and 1786, Le Balbuzard seeks to present its subject as naturally as possible. Martinet shifts the view of the osprey from a traditional profile to a more informative three-quarter pose. By including elements of the bird's habitat in the background, Martinet maximizes the visual information about the species. His meticulous textures and values accurately render the osprey, while a measured bar along the upper border informs the viewer of the scale of the piece. Martinet ensures precision when rendering Le Balbuzard.
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Pandion haliaetus
Birds of prey
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