Colleen Curtis (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

  • Collection research and metadata enhancement, including all accompanying text (Summer 2015)
  • Website development and exhibit design, including all exhibit text (Fall 2015)

Dan Jergovic (Metadata Librarian)

  • Metadata consultation (Summer and Fall 2015)

Amanda Rust (Digital Humanities Librarian)

  • Project management (Summer and Fall 2015)

Credit and Copyright

Citing this project and its works

Rights and reproduction

The Northeastern University Library makes high-quality versions of these public domain images freely available from the Library’s Digital Repository Service.

CERES: Exhibit Toolkit

This project was created on a customized WordPress instance using the CERES: Exhibit Toolkit. These tools, as well as archival, hosting, and support systems, are provided by the Northeastern University Library Digital Scholarship Group. The DSG specializes in the Digital Humanities and helps faculty, staff, and students in the Northeastern community showcase their projects to the public.